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Build strength and stability with this unexpected prop

I love seeing common objects around the house as things to enhance my yoga practice. Walking around with that attitude, my house is like my own personal experimentation lab in a playful scientist kind of way. One of my most favorite things to play with is the wall.

In the video below you will use the wall as a prop to:

  • Bring awareness and stability

  • Build strength and flexibility through the legs

  • Work on balance

Comment below or message me with any questions.


Kenneth Driscoll
Kenneth Driscoll
Mar 18, 2021

Hi Jessica,

Loved this vlog in particular and the way you carried the technique. Quite a unique take.

Jessica Lucey
Jessica Lucey
Mar 25, 2021
Replying to

Awesome! Small moves and big impact 🙌🏽

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