Private Yoga

Jessica Lucey in a hip flexor stretch with a block


Focused sessions tailored specifically for you.

Have you ever been to a yoga class and noticed you're just not a bendy as everyone else?

Do you want to build both strength and flexibility in a balanced way?

Maybe you're already active and would like something specific to do when you're not crushing it outside... something that's going to help you feel even better the next time you head out.

A private yoga class is the perfect way to bring in the focused work, accountability, and support to get you closer to living and moving the way you want.

I'm Jessica, and I specialize in correcting muscular imbalances for beginners and active individuals. So what does this mean?

Have you ever worn a pair of jeans all day? At the end of the day, you take them off, and you might notice they've changed shape to match your legs. Muscles do the same thing.

swimmer lap swimming breast stroke

Here's a real life example

When I was growing up, I was on the swim team and swam breast stroke. When I pulled the water with my hands, my shoulders would tip forward, squish together, and come all the way up to my ears... again... and again... and again for miles at a time. (Check out the swimming photo.)


After practice, I'd shower, go home, eat, and do it all over again the next day. (PS- I also put expectations on myself to be perfect. Let's welcome in stress.) It's no wonder I had neck and shoulder issues growing up.

I wanted that neck and shoulder pain gone. I saw doctors, physical therapists, and even had electrodes hooked up to my body just so I could get some relief. Nothing worked, so I gave up: tired of going to appointment after appointment after appointment with no change.

It wasn't until I became older and learned yoga practices for mindfulness, relaxation, and stress relief that things started to change. I found ease.

While you might not be a swimmer, this concept is true for any other repetitive activity: running, hiking, biking, or even sitting behind a desk.

The road to less stress and more ease in your body and mind is a process. It takes time, practice, and patience. I'd love to help guide you along the way.

Jessica Lucey in dancer pose outside in front of mountains

How it works

The process I use today is a mix of what I learned from yoga, learned techniques from doctors and physical therapists, and some additional training from yoga therapists.

We work one on one to get clear on what you want in your practice and any other lifestyle and goals. This, plus your initial movement/mobility assessment will help form a yoga class tailored specifically for you. At the end of the session, you'll get a short list of yoga poses and tips that you can do at home to help with getting closer to where you'd like to be.

person doing a neck stretch inside surrounded by plants


Cortney Moore
executive assistant & outdoor recreator

I feel great after our sessions, and that continues through to the next time I see Jessica. I know this wouldn't be happening without personal commitment and putting the time in, but it really helps to have a teacher who is encouraging in a way that doesn't overwhelm me and who is willing to be honest with me and laugh with me when I'm caught in my perfectionism, not able to connect my body with my mind or find the words to describe how I'm feeling in certain poses or breathing exercises. Jessica has helped me strengthen and balance both mind and body with the yoga practice she developed specifically for the goals we discussed.I look forward to seeing growth in my practice as I implement changes from each session.


The investment for a private, 1-on-1 yoga class tailored to meet your needs is $68.

For ongoing support, I recommend saving with a five class pack for $306. These can be used over six months.

Jessica Lucey in half moon pose by the wall

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