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Private Yoga

Focused sessions tailored specifically for you.
Family on a Hike

What would it look like if you were able to...​

>>> Keep up with the grandkids. You can get up and down to play with them on the floor and you have the energy to keep up with all their athletic events.

>>> Hike, bike, and travel to the places you've been dreaming of visiting as you get closer to retirement?

>>> Give yourself time to relax between picking up/dropping off the kids from school or taking care of your aging mom.

BUT... You're starting to notice you're not moving like you used to.

  • You're second guessing if climbing up the ladder to put away your box of winter clothes on the top shelf is a good idea.

  • Your hips and legs were never this sore after a hike or pickleball, and it's taking you longer to recover than before.

  • Your annoying low back pain has been going on for a while even after seeing the doctor or physical therapist.

You don't really want to take another pill to make it better.


You've heard yoga could be good for you...


... but you're just not as bendy as everyone else in class and you don't know what to do.

A private yoga class is the perfect way to get you closer to living and moving the way you want.

  • Go at your own pace and ask questions about what you're not getting

  • Build flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination so you can move with joy and confidence

  • Focused, intentional practices to make sure you get to where you want to be (ie healthy enough to care for the people you love and travel the world)

  • Accountability and support to gently remind you why you started and that you are capable whenever roadblocks happen

Meditating in Backyard
swimmer lap swimming breast stroke

How yoga helped me

I had a ton of neck and shoulder issues growing up.

I would swim breast stroke for miles back in my swim team days. When I pulled the water, my shoulders would tip forward, squish together, and come all the way up to my ears... again... and again... and again. (Check out the swimming photo.)


I also put a lot of expectations on myself to perform and be perfect. Hello stress 👋🏽

I saw doctors, physical therapists, and even had electrodes hooked up to my body just so I could get some relief.

Tired of going to appointment after appointment after appointment with no change, I gave up.

It wasn't until I learned yoga practices for mindfulness, relaxation, and stress relief that things started to change.

  • Yoga postures helped me balance out the repetitive movements I was doing and soothe my sore muscles.

  • Breathing practices and slowing down helped me relax.

  • I learned how to listen to my body to see when I was putting too much strain on myself.

  • The reflective practice and self inquiry of yoga helped me to examine my thoughts and beliefs so that I didn't beat myself up for not being perfect.

In short, I found ease.

While you might not be a swimmer, this concept is true for any other repetitive activity: hiking, biking, sitting behind a desk, or even negative self talk.

The road to less stress and more ease in your body and mind is a process. It takes time, practice, and patience. I'd love to help guide you along the way.

Jessica Lucey with block.jpg

How one-on-one yoga works

1. You decide you want to work with me. Hint: Scheduling a discovery call or spending some time on my email list and sharing the resources I provide can help with that.

2. Schedule your first appointment. Private yoga sessions are available Wednesday - Sunday.

3. Fill out the intake form. This helps us both get clear on your practice goals.

4. Come to your appointment. Class can be in person at my Fort Collins home studio or online.

5. Practice over time. Each practice is tailored to your energy and ability level for that day to get you closer to your health, movement, and lifestyle goals. We'll go over ways the practice can be incorporated into your day so you can continue to benefit between each session.

6. Notice the difference in your body and mind. Most people notice a difference after their first practice, even if they're not exactly where they want to be. The affects of practice last longer and are more significant, the longer you stay with it.

Stretching on Yoga Mat


Cortney Moore
executive assistant & outdoor recreator

I feel great after our sessions, and that continues through to the next time I see Jessica. I know this wouldn't be happening without personal commitment and putting the time in, but it really helps to have a teacher who is encouraging in a way that doesn't overwhelm me and who is willing to be honest with me and laugh with me when I'm caught in my perfectionism, not able to connect my body with my mind or find the words to describe how I'm feeling in certain poses or breathing exercises. Jessica has helped me strengthen and balance both mind and body with the yoga practice she developed specifically for the goals we discussed.I look forward to seeing growth in my practice as I implement changes from each session.


The investment for a private, 1-on-1 yoga class tailored to meet your needs is $100.

For ongoing support and the consistency that helps bring change, I recommend saving with a class pack. These can be used over six months.​

Note: If you'd like to do private yoga for two or a small group, please contact me for pricing and coordination.

  • Private Yoga 5 Pack

    accountability + savings
    Valid for 6 months
    • Five (5) private yoga classes
    • Use over six (6) months
  • Private Yoga 8 Pack

    Valid for 6 months
    • Eight (8) private yoga classes
    • Use over six (6) months
Working Out at Home

Private Yoga Locations

You can take class in person in my Fort Collins home studio or online.

The closest cross streets for my home studio are Drake and Taft Hill Rds. You'll get the exact location after you sign up for class.

Book 1 on 1

Schedule a Private Yoga Class

Private classes are available Wednesdays through Saturdays.

If you'd like to discuss private group classes, private SUP yoga, events, workshops for your company, or have other questions, please contact me.

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