Andrea Sosa

My friend and I had a wonderful experience with paddle board yoga in Horsetooth Reservoir with Jessica! I discovered Jessica at my local gym when she was teaching the yoga class. I really like her style of teaching because she gives cues for different levels and makes you feel comfortable and able. She also incorporates motivational quotes into her session. I highly recommend Sun Breath Yoga, especially the experience on paddle boards!

Cortney Moore

Yoga sessions with Jessica are pure joy and a deeper discovery of my true self. She observes, listens and encourages in ways that help me get out of perfectionism, connect body with mind, and really feel what is going on in my body. I love her honesty and willingness to laugh with me when I'm struggling with just being or trying too hard to get a pose or breath just right. Jessica has helped me strengthen and balance my whole self with the yoga practice she developed specifically for the goals we discussed. I experience growth in my practice with each session. I have done yoga classes before but working with Jessica on an individual basis has been the key catalyst to the change I have been looking for.

Tanner Stengel

One of the most fun and relaxing classes I have ever been a part of. I was in the SUP yoga class, and could not have asked for a better experience. It was my first time doing yoga on a board, but the class had so many variations to the positions that helped keep me afloat. Best way to spend a Saturday morning, will definitely do it again!

Ann Kent

Sun Breath Yoga is perfect for the average person wanting to learn this practice. Jessica makes yoga accessible for anyone, but also always challenges me each time I go - it's a great workout! I checked off my bucket list item of SUP yoga last weekend. I was really nervous, having never been on a Stand-up Paddleboard before, but Jessica walked all of us through it with patience and expert knowledge and it was such a fun experience; I can't wait to get out on the water again! If you've never considered yoga before, this is the perfect place for you!!

Alex Keeney

When I started practicing yoga, I noticed a difference when I was working in the warehouse. I drive an order picker, which is a machine that raises you up on a platform to grab items off the high racks. I started to feel much more balanced, sturdy, and safe while operating the machine. Now that I've been practicing yoga regularly, I've realized that benefits like this are just the icing to the cake. 

Janae Malpas

I love the intimacy of this studio & the smaller class sizes. The folks here are kind & genuine. If you're not into the crowded yoga scene & would like something more personable, I highly recommend Sun Breath.

Jason Diaz

A very community based studio. Inviting lobby, teachers, owner and studio, offering all types of yoga. I have definately found a home.

Jill Mollenhauer

Such a lovely place to practice yoga! Very clean and a welcoming feeling!!

Shari Schwarz

This is such a sweet spot for yoga! A smaller studio with a welcoming vibe and very supportive, knowledgeable instructors and owner. I highly recommend Sun Breath Yoga!

Malinda Chuvala

Jessica has a great calming energy and is very intuitive during instruction. She has a skill for making the experience relaxing and smooth even if you are not skilled at yoga.

Deborah Bee

Jessica is a super yoga teacher! I’ve been to many classes and studios over the past three decades of doing yoga and I truly appreciate the community she is creating here! Her knowledge of poses and minor adjustments to improve them is impressive!

Joni Keiser

I just started doing yoga in Jan and have loved every minute of it! So thankful to have instructors like Jessica!

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