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I help active people and beginners feel good in their bodies with accessible yoga and outdoor experiences.

I'm Jessica Lucey

I showed up to my first yoga class as a sophomore in college, full of nerves, and wanting to fit in. I wanted to do the exercises right and for the people in my group I was with to like me.

After I started moving and connecting to my breath, all the anxiety slipped away. That tape in my head that plays all the busy to-do lists and “what ifs” stopped. For that one hour, I was able to relax, move, rest, and not worry.

That is what I give people: a little oasis of time and connection where you can explore movement, choose what you do with your body, and have permission to make "mistakes".

I love giving students the opportunity to unplug from the busy and connect to what really matters to them.  I find joy in making yoga accessible, applicable to life off the mat, and fun.


It is my mission to provide practices that can be integrated into your life in small ways so you can move out of stress and overwhelm and look forward to the bright, healthy future.

Jessica Lucey in dancer pose outside with the Tetons in the background
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