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Flower Buds

Reawaken to Nature
Yoga Retreat

May 3-5, 2024
Buckhorn Camp's Retreat Center, Rist Canyon, Bellvue, CO

connect to nature and relax with yoga and outdoor experiences
walking along a trail at Buckhorn Camp

We all know practicing self care is important.


It helps you do things like...

  • prevent burnout

  • improve your health and strengthen your immune system

  • relax so your mindset can shift into one of possibility

  • have the energy to live fully and do the things you love

  • be present for your friends and family instead of zoning out when they talk or snapping at them for something small

But living in the real world means that this self care thing isn't as easy as social media or that health article make it out to be.

You're a busy person.


There's always something on your to-do list, and it seems like there's just not enough time in the day for the self care you know will make a difference.


You try to stay active and get out in nature, but those times aren't quite long enough to feel fully rejuvenated.


You feel tired and you really need to get off the hamster wheel of everyday tasks and take a break.

Stressed Woman
smiling hiker with a day pack
The Reconnect to Nature Yoga Retreat creates an environment for you to practice self care so you can...

😊 Set aside time to relax and get away from your never-ending to-do list.

🌳 Spend time in nature to tune into your body, calm your mind, and reset your senses

🌟 Reconnect to what's really important to you

💭 Reimagine what a more aligned life could be like


💡 Discover practices that you can take with you for life outside of retreat

Hiking Boots walking over a log

You'll be guided by the energy of the Elements over the weekend


Get passionate about what truly matters to you.


Relax as you unplug from notifications and to-dos.


Connect to the Earth and your true sense of self.

clouds in the sky

Feel deeply seen as you share in community.

Jessica Lucey leading a yoga class during the yoga retreat

Retreat Schedule

Note: This is a rough outline. We might combine or shorten events in response to the weather and your energy level. Even if things do change, we will still intentionally connect with all the elements and bring movement into your body during the retreat.

  • Check in 4 pm

  • Fire ceremony

  • Yoga asana

  • Morning asana

  • Water ceremony

  • Yoga hike

  • Archery

  • Myofascial release and yoga nidra

  • Cacao ceremony

  • Leave by 12 pm

Our Colorado Retreat Location

Buckhorn Camp's Retreat Center, Rist Canyon, Bellvue, CO

Scroll through the photos to see where you'll be staying.

Retreat Center and land at Buckhorn

We’ll be at Buckhorn, tucked into the Colorado mountains for the weekend. You’ll have the opportunity to get away from all the notifications and to-dos, walk around in nature, and relax.

Brenda Carey leading a cacao ceremony during the yoga retreat_

What you get

  • Lodging for 3 days and 2 nights

  • All meals

  • Snacks, coffee, and tea

  • Yoga (vinyasa, active recovery, and yoga nidra)

  • Hiking

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Other sacred ceremonies

  • Reflection time to connect with your True Nature

  • Archery

What's not included

  • Transportation to/from the retreat center. (Please note, there is a 2.5 mile dirt road to get to Buckhorn.)

  • Airfare


available until January 1, 2024, 11:59 pm MST

  • 45 minute Holistic Energy Assessment (online) with Brenda. You'll receive holistic practice or tool to help balance your energy and reduce mental and emotional stress.

  • 60 minute Private Yoga Session (in person or online) with Jessica. We'll review 1 thing that you'd like to improve and you'll receive a pose or technique to start your journey towards transformation.

  • 3 free months of meal guides (online) from Peas and Hoppiness. Each week, you'll get seasonal meal plans that you can customize to you and your family's liking.

cluster of leaves with water dropplets in the background

How much is the retreat?

Early Bird Pricing until January 31, 2023


Single Occupancy: $1049

Shared Occupancy: $849

Regular Pricing starting February 1, 2023

Single Occupancy: $1149

Shared Occupancy: $949

Note: If you sign up before March 1st, a non-refundable down payment of $179 is required to hold your spot for the retreat. After that, payment will be made in full.

Meet Your Teachers

Jessica Lucey on a yoga hike
Jessica Lucey

I help people find joy and confidence in the way they move with yoga and outdoor activities. My come-as-you-are attitude lets yoga students relax and feel comfortable to take the option in class that's right for them so they can feel good in their bodies.

I believe that our connection with Nature can save the world, and that our power and magic comes when we act from a place of alignment to what's true for us.

Brenda Carey, Yoga Teacher leading a Cacao Ceremony
Brenda Carey

I am passionate about connecting people to their innate wisdom through yoga, meditation, and clear limiting beliefs that keep them stuck in unhealthy patterns.  Sharing my love of hiking in the outdoors while connecting to the sacred Elements of Mother Nature, allows people to discover their own Inner Truth.
I believe we are designed to be in community.  We thrive when we can hold sacred space for one another.

What other people say


"Wow" describes my experience. It was everything I'd hoped for in a yoga retreat.


I feel like it helped start me on a good path for some changes I'd like to make in myself. Excellent tools for self-reflection, compassion and acceptance, but also ways to embrace change and let go of things that no longer serve me.


Wonderful love and joy was present!

- Linda Abercrombie, grandmother, retired teacher, athlete

I am thankful of the different generations and women coming together.


I love how Jessica and Brenda complement each other.


I have a hard time focusing on me and taking time to look internally. I came to release anxiety and frustration that I saw becoming a barrier to living. I now feel more energized and connected than before the weekend.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What's the drive to get there like?

You'll drive up paved canyon road without any cell phone service before turning onto the 2.5 mile dirt road that to get to the retreat cabin. You do not need 4 wheel drive or a high clearance vehicle, but please take the drive up the dirt road slow.


We see the drive as a way for you to begin to transition out of the "auto-pilot" of everyday life.

Since it's so close to Ft Collins, could I come for the day and stay at my place at night?

No. Our intention is to create a sacred container that allows you to disconnect from the distractions of your normal routine so you can have an easier time to connect to nature, relax, and listen to your wise inner voice. Plus, we don't want you to drive the dirt road at night.

Is there a way to request to stay in the same room as a friend?

Yes! You can definitely stay with a friend. In March, you'll get a questionnaire about roommate preferences, dietary restrictions, etc. The two of you would write in each other’s names. You would both get shared rooms. 

I'm vegetarian/vegan/dairy free/gluten free, etc. What will the food be like?

We believe that food is medicine and will accommodate your dietary needs. Expect seasonal, whole foods (real fruits and vegetables) for our menu. You'll get a questionnaire in March asking if you have any dietary restrictions, and we will plan the menu around that.

What should we bring?

You should have comfortable clothing for 3 days and 2 nights. Since it's spring time, layers are best. We're not doing anything fancy, so no need to dress up. Good walking/hiking shoes, bug spray, sunscreen, and a journal would be nice to have as well. You'll receive a full packing list as the retreat gets closer.

What is the weather like?

Historically, temperatures have been around 30-80 degrees Fahrenheit. It warms up during the day and then gets cold around 8 pm. While the night time weather is cold, the day time is perfect for hiking.


Spring time in the mountains is also a special time when the snow melts and the seasons go through a transitional period. We are anticipating that the muddy part of this transition will be complete at the time of our retreat. However, the weather is different each year. We will give you an update on conditions and what to pack as the retreat gets closer.

What will we be doing?

Please see the schedule portion of this page.

Do we have to do all the things or can we opt out of some stuff?

It is not mandatory to participate in everything. While we encourage you to participate, you know your capacity. You're invited to get curious around what you need and what would be truly caring and nourishing for you. 

Will there be wifi?

Internet and phone service in the mountains is very spotty. There will be a land line phone available in case of emergencies. There is wifi in the common area, but it is not very strong and might go out. Please make sure you download any electronic material that you might need before the retreat.


We see this as a wonderful opportunity to truly disconnect from all the notifications and other distractions of living in the 21st century. 

Cancellation Policy

If you must cancel your retreat, the required $179 deposit is non-refundable. 


Full refund, less deposit, will be given with at least 90 days notice of retreat start date.


Cancellations made within 60 days of your retreat: 50% of the total amount (less deposit) will be refunded.


Cancellations made less than 60 days prior to your retreat: We apologize, but absolutely no refunds can be given due to the fact that we are required to make payments to reserve your reservation at the retreat center and secure training materials for the group. We realize that some extenuating circumstances beyond your control may prohibit you from attending; however, we cannot make exceptions regardless of the circumstance due to the non-recoverable payments that we deliver in advance.

sunrise over Buckhorn Camp
Registration & Payment

Registration & Payment

retreat center meeting space for our Colorado Yoga Retreat
Early Bird Pricing until January 31, 2024


Single Occupancy ~ $1,049

Shared Occupancy ~ $849

Regular Pricing starting February 1, 2024

Single Occupancy ~ $1,149

Shared Occupancy ~ $949

Note: A non-refundable down payment of $179 is required to hold your spot for the retreat. Payment is due in full by March 1, 2024.

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