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Our Response to Coronavirus

The arrival of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has created major changes in the way we operate business. Expect changes to the class schedule as the situation unfolds to include online classes.

Here's what we do to keep you healthy

We practice good hygiene all year round: clean the floors, use individual towels, clean the props regularly, etc. During this time, we will be taking extra precautions to help prevent the spread of the virus.

  • We have increased cleaning to commonly touched spaces to include door knobs and light switches.

  • We are offering online yoga for those wishing to stay at home.

  • We are offering outdoor yoga classes for those who don't feel comfortable practicing inside.

  • We are taking extra precautions when classes are held in person. Please see below.

​When classes are held in person and indoors

Class sizes are limited in order to implement the proper spacing requirements. Pre-registration is required to reserve your spot and prevent crowding of people.


To avoid unnecessary contact and prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we ask that you complete waiver forms and payment online.


We will continue to use props to keep your practice accessible. Here is what you can do to make it easier for us:

  • Please use one of the pillowcases provided to place over bolsters. These are washed after each use.

  • Blankets are washed after each use.

  • If you use a block from us, we ask that you wipe it down before and after use with the cleaning spray and leave it on the racks with space in between to allow them to dry. 

  • Please bring your own mat.

When classes are held in person and outdoors


Class is limited to 15 people, and pre-registration of at least 30 minutes before class (48 hours for SUP Yoga and Yoga Hikes) is required to reserve your spot and prevent crowding of people.

To avoid unnecessary contact and prevent the spread of the coronavirus, you are asked to complete payment and waiver forms online.

You are encouraged to bring your own props and mat for Yoga in the Park.

During SUP Yoga, equipment (board, life vest, whistle, paddle, and anchor) will be provided for you if you choose to rent. Equipment is cleaned after use.

For all classes

If covid levels are not high, physical assists or enhancements may be offered. Permission is always asked before physical touch is used.

Additionally, we ask that you please take the following precautions that we also ask of our teachers:

  • If you feel sick or think you might be sick, please stay home. If you need to cancel before class because of covid symptoms, please contact the studio at 970-682-4826 or to receive a credit to your account. Please be courteous and follow these guidelines to ensure other students have a spot in class. We reserve the right to disable sign up if you continually miss previous registrations.

  • Wash hands after restroom use, blowing your nose, sneezing, coughing, and before eating.

  • Keep hands away from your face: especially the eyes, noes, mouth, and ears.

  • Cover your mouth with a tissue while sneezing or coughing and discard tissue immediately.

  • Please leave all unnecessary items in your car (phone, purse, etc.) to minimize what’s being brought into the studio.

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