How will you spend your summer?

Come to Horsetooth Reservoir and enjoy some fun, mindful movement.  No experience needed.  Whether you're a seasoned paddler, a long time yogi, or an adventurous beginner looking to try something new; mixing the two practices together gives you a whole new respect for balance and a greater awareness of the body.

We'll paddle to a location, practice yoga on a paddle board, have one of the most memorable savasanas ever, and paddle back.  You might even see some wildlife.


What's included?

Other than a fun time outside and a "secret workout"?​

  • Feel supported as we go over paddling technique.  Not knowing how to paddle is no problem!

  • Take in the beauty of nature as you explore the waters of Horsetooth Reservoir along the way to our yoga spot.

  • Practice yoga on a paddleboard!  The added water element helps you explore your comfort zone and become aware of small muscle groups used for balance and stability.

  • Enjoy meeting other outdoor lovers in class and spending time in community.

  • Receive photos from class so there's no question about whether you can balance on a board or not.

  • All equipment is provided (board, paddle, life vest, anchor and whistle).  If you want to use your own gear, you're more than welcome to do so.

Join us on the water 🙌

Get everything for $45 a class

If you bring your own board, take class for $25 using code BYOBOARD


When is class?

Our season runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day weekends. We'll hold classes on select Saturdays from 8:00 am - 9:30 am.
You can sign up using the links in the class date
Class dates for 2021 have not been finalized. Get on the wait list to find out when classes are happening and when sign ups open.
Get on the wait list

Want a different date?

Take a private class

Get a group of four or more together and we can do a class special for you that's not on the schedule. This would be great for parties, if the class dates don't work for your schedule, or if the classes are filled.

Contact me to work out details.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know how to do yoga or paddle?

- Absolutely not, no experience required.  We'll go over basic paddle techniques before heading to our location.  The yoga portion is set up to be a fun experience for people at any stage of their practice.

What if I can't stand up?

- It's not a problem. You can paddle kneeling or sitting. The yoga is also an all levels class. Different options are provided for your to challenge yourself at whatever level you're comfortable with... even if you have never practiced before.

What happens if I fall?

- You get wet :)  Falling, or rather the possibility of falling, is part of the experience.  Remember, if you do fall, make a big splash.  Extra points if your splash gets your neighbor.  If you have trouble getting back on the board, I can help you out.

- There are also things you can do to make your chances of falling in less likely.  Find out how to paddle with confidence and stay on your board.

How cold is the water?

- The water in the reservoir is from the mountain snow melt.  It starts off chilly at the beginning of the season as the reservoir fills up.  Mid June - July is usually when all the water is done trickling in, and it begins to warm up as the sun heats the reservoir.  The average water temperature in August is between 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit  (18-21 degrees Celsius).  You can find current water temperatures here.  Make sure you're looking under the conditions tab.

Do I need to sign up?

- Yes.  Reservations are required 48 hours in advance.  You can sign up for a class here.

Do I need to bring a board?

- No, all equipment is provided:  board, paddle, life vest, whistle, and anchor.

What do I need to bring?

- All the essentials are provided.  To find anything else you might want, check out my blog: "5 easy things that will help you enjoy SUP Yoga".

What's parking like?

- Parking at Horsetooth is very limited, especially in the summer.  Plan to arrive early in order to get a spot.  Extra points if you carpool!

- A parking pass is required for all locations.  You can purchase a day pass the day of your class, or get a year pass on site or online.

Are there restrooms?

- There are restrooms located at all parking areas with water access to Horsetooth Reservoir. Please bring your own hand sanitizer.

How is reception on the reservoir?

- Reception is very spotty, especially on the north end of the reservoir.  You might want to download all directions before you get here.

Didn't get your question answered?  Contact us.


What other people say

Malinda Chuvala

Jessica has a great calming energy and is very intuitive during instruction. She has a skill for making the experience relaxing and smooth even if you are not skilled at yoga.


How to get here - Satanka Cove

From Fort Collins
  • If you are in Old Town, Fort Collins or North, it's best to take College Ave (Hwy 287) towards the town of Laporte. At a Y, continue straight as the road turns into County Road 54 G. Once you reach Vern's Place, take a left onto Rist Canyon Road. When you see a bright yellow building on the right (Bellvue Bean), it's time to turn left onto N County Road 23. You will come to the back side of Horsetooth Dam, which goes East/West.  Turn right to drive over the dam and you've arrived!

  • If you are South of Old Town, Fort Collins, it is easiest to reach the South Bay by going west on Drake Road. Continue on Drake until it ends and make a right onto Overland Trail. Make a quick left onto Dixon Canyon Road immediately after the drive-in movie theater entrance on your right. Follow Dixon Canyon Road all the way up the hill to the reservoir and continue straight as it turns into County Road 23. You will come to the back side of Horsetooth Dam, which goes East/West.  Turn left to drive over the dam and you've arrived!

From I-25
  • If coming from I-25, take the Owl Canyon Road exit (Exit 281).  Continue west on Owl Canyon Road (W. County Rd. 70), then turn left on N. County Road 19 (turns into Taft Hill Road).  At Hwy 287, turn right and continue north.  Go through Laporte until you see Vern's (restaurant and gas station) and turn left onto Rist Canyon Road.  When you see a yellow building to the right (Bellvue Bean), turn left on N. County Road 23 (the only intersection), and you will come to the back side of Horsetooth Dam, which goes East/West.  Turn right to drive over the dam and you've arrived!

From the North
  • If coming from Hwy 287, turn right onto US 287B (54G). From here, you'll turn right onto N. County Road 23E, then right onto Rist Canyon Road.  When you see a yellow building to the right (Bellvue Bean), turn left on N. County Road 23 (the only intersection), and you will come to the back side of Horsetooth Dam, which goes East/West.  Turn right to drive over the dam and you've arrived!

​​Tip: ​Enter "Satanka Cove, Colorado 80512" into Google Maps or GPS​


Looking for a board?

Check out Atoll. It's our board of choice.

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