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New Students

Welcome to our online space and Thank You for taking your yoga journey with us💛

At Sun Breath Yoga, we believe that yoga is more than just the shapes we make on our mat. It's a catalyst for the change that happens within that allows us to show up more fully for ourselves, our community, and the rest of the world.

Jessica Lucey teaching an all levels group yoga class

How does this happen?

The first step is to start... and we try to make that process as un-intimidating as possible. You're not expected to be anything or anyone other than who you are now at whatever stage of your yoga journey you're on.


We give you the opportunity to unplug from the busy and tap into the present moment. Start with a class. Deepen and explore different aspects of yoga through a private class or workshops. Integrate and share what you've learned with all your new friends at our community events.

Inside a yoga studio. There is artwork on the walls and plants in the corner of the room.

What to expect when practicing yoga in person

Show up Early

Have you ever rushed to get somewhere? You get all flustered, your mind is busy, and you're stressed. No one wants that. If you're new to the studio, we recommend you show up 10-15 minutes before class to fill out any necessary waivers and become familiar with the space. This extra time also allows you to check in, change, settle your mind, and even spend time with friends.

Take off your shoes

Not only does it help keep the studio clean, it's a sign of respect. As you begin to do this every time you enter the studio, it's a signal to your brain to slow down and prepare for practice.

Sign in

Please make sure you signed in. This helps your teacher remember who you are and verify if you have any health issues, injuries, or concerns.

Tell your teacher about any injuries

We want to know what's going on with you so we can better serve you and provide a more enjoyable experience. This knowledge lets us share ways on how to adapt the postures and provide recommendations on what to be aware of during practice.

Listen to your body

You're the only one who knows what's going on inside your body and inside your mind. You do not have to go into a posture or exercise that gives you pain or does not feel safe. If you notice that happening, come out of that shape or activity and return to normal breathing. You have the ability to try a different variation and see what happens whenever you're ready.

No cell phones in class

This time spent on your mat is a time to settle down from the busyness and stress of life and technology. Gift yourself this time, and see what it feels like to be in the present without being pulled away by notifications or alerts. Phones are not allowed in class. Please silence them as you leave them in the gathering area since thing ringing can still be heard in the practice room.

Talk in the gathering area

At Sun Breath Yoga, we're all about community and encourage conversations with your fellow teachers and students. We also value the quiet time some people want/need before the start of class. As you walk from our gathering space and through the classroom door, please be respectful of this quiet. You are encouraged to discuss your experience of class with teachers or students after class closes.

Leave class the way you found it

This is our space where we gather together for practice and community. Please help us keep it welcoming by cleaning up around your area. This means putting props back where they came from, tidying up around your practice area, and cleaning any mats that you borrowed. 

Have more questions about starting yoga?

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