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Quick Yoga Flow Focused on the Chest: increase range of motion and improve posture

Having a tight chest is a common issue that often gets overlooked because we're focused on how sore our backs feel.

Some ways to notice if you have a tight chest are

  • if you slouch in your upper back

  • if it's hard for you to reach behind you

  • if it's hard to pull your arm out to the side

This short yoga class will focus on strengthening your back and stretching your chest at the wall in order to help increase range of motion in your upper body and improve posture.


  • use a wall


Check out the related practice videos and tutorials below.

Our all levels yoga classes are designed to help address your current aches and pains so you can feel good in your body and let your mind focus on the people and activities you love.

We also teach private yoga classes to create a practice and plan specifically for you to get closer to moving and living the way you want.


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