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Myofascial Release for Tight Shoulders: self massage for the tops of your shoulders (upper traps)

Do you have tight shoulders? You know, this part up here between the neck and shoulder heads (aka the upper traps) where we hold a lot of tension. Whether we’re stressed and tense from all the things going on in our busy lives, sitting at desks, or carrying a heavy pack; it sucks having to “just deal with it”.

This video will share a myofascial release technique (aka self massage using props) that will help release some tension in that space.


  • ball for myofascial work

  • wall corner that comes out towards you


Check out the related practice and tutorial videos below.

Outside of the summer season, classes are set up in Yoga Class Semesters. The Active Recovery class combines vinyasa yoga with myofascial release to help rejuvenate your body so you can move with joy and confidence.

We also teach private yoga classes to create a practice and plan specifically for you to get closer to moving and living the way you want.


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