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Quick Yoga Flow: strengthen & stretch hamstrings in 10 minutes

This short yoga video is designed to strengthen and stretch your hamstrings. If you're moving around with your legs -- hiking, running, biking -- you're using your hamstrings.

Some qualities we'll cultivate for the hamstrings in this video are:

  • Strength. Strong hamstrings help propel you forward.

  • Control. The ability to control the intensity of you muscle activation on a scale of 1-10 helps provide stability through different ranges of motion. For example, as you move through the different heights of a squat, different areas of your hamstrings activate to help stabilize your knee.

  • Flexibility and relaxation. Stretching the hamstrings in a relaxed space helps to prevent your muscles from "gripping".

Props for this class:

  • 2 blocks or 2 chairs (you'll want chairs for tighter hamstrings.)

  • 1 blanket (optional)

If you liked this, be sure to check out our Yoga Class Semesters

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