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Create healthy movement through your spine

In anatomy, there are three different planes of motion. The sagittal plane separates left and right, the frontal plane separates front and back, and the transverse plane separates top and bottom.

In order to maintain healthy, balanced movement we need to traverse through all three planes regularly. For example, if you sit in a slouched position all the time, you would be flexing through the sagittal plane. To counter, reach the heart forward and spread through the chest, creating a mini backbend.

In this video we move the spine through the three different planes of motion:

  • Sagittal --> arching the back and opening the chest

  • Frontal --> side bends

  • Transverse --> twists

NOTE: if you have osteoperosis, focus more on the chest opening with little to no arching and rounding of the back.

Notice which shape you spend more time in and see if you can counter that. If you need help building balanced movement through out your day or finding a way to counter all the activities you do to keep you feeling young, contact me and we can set up a consult.

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