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What is proprioception and how can it help you?

When I was going through one of my trainings to help make yoga more accessible, the word proprioception came up a lot. Obviously, it must be important or we wouldn't talk about it so much.

Turns out proprioception (pronounced pro-pree-o-sep-shun) is the ability to know where the body is when you move through space. This "sixth sense" is extremely helpful for coordination and catching yourself in a fall. You know when you accidentally trip on a rock while on trail? It's this sense that keeps you from planting your face on the ground and helps you enjoy the rest of your day.

Want to build up your proprioceptive sense and have better, more dynamic days outside? Check out this video to:

  • Notice how your limbs move through space

  • Play with hip awareness and positioning (This is the first place of movement in the body, and it's nice to know where you're moving from.)

  • Go through a guided meditation to bring your awareness inward and come more into your body. (This starts at 10:54)

Comment below or message me with any questions.

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