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Yoga Hike at Cedar Point Tideland Trail

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

What a fun time out on the trail! Our group of hiking yogis and yoginis enjoyed a nice stroll through the woods, pointing out the cedars and live oaks. Once out of the trees, we played on the bridges, stretching ourselves between planks and down dogs.

This was the first time I visited during low tide, so we decided to take a detour and see what the area looked like when it wasn't covered in water. Judging by the tracks, it seems like other critters had the same idea as us. We returned back to the trail once it started getting too muddy, and made our way to our yoga spot. Practice was in a lovely clearing overlooking the water where we could watch the birds fly by, be trees with trees and crabs with crabs, and enjoy the light breeze of the wind. I brought everyone out of savasana singing a song in duet with the hooting of an owl.

The quick hike back along the bridges and gravel trail gave us time to grow our trees and practice balancing on posts before it was time to go.

I can't wait to do it again!
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