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5 easy things that will help you enjoy SUP Yoga

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Interested in taking a SUP Yoga class? Great! It’ll be a fun time out on the water… but what to do to prepare? Well, other than count down the days to your next class, here are five easy things you can do to make your time outside more enjoyable.

Wear sunscreen. We all appreciate the warmth of the Fort Collins sun, but spending time in direct sunlight can leave you susceptible to sunburn. Plus, the water reflects the sun’s rays back up, giving you double sun exposure! Lather up with some SPF 30 or higher before you go out so you don’t regret your fun in the sun later.

Wear a swimsuit or quick drying clothes. No matter how many times you’ve been out, the nature of being on the water opens up the possibility of getting wet. You could fall in by accident, get a playful splash from a friend, or decide to jump in and cool off. Either way, you’ll be glad you brought something that can get wet.

Bring a towel. The other half of getting wet is drying off. If you’re not planning on letting the sun’s rays dry you, a towel is the best way to go. It can even double as a layer of warmth.

Bring water. You can never go wrong with a bottle of water. Playing in the summer sun gets people thirsty, and being active increases the need to hydrate. There are few things as satisfying and healthy as a nice, cold drink of water after a paddle.

Use Croakies (eyewear retainers). If you wear glasses or sunglasses, having a pair of croakies is key to keep your eyewear on. They don't cost much, but they make a big difference if you fall or get bumped. You'll want to make sure they float in the water if they fall off your face, so test them out in the sink before you head out.

Bonus: Come with a smile and a good attitude. Taking your yoga practice outside means not everything goes as planned. Practice aparigraha, or non-grasping, and let go of expectations. Enjoy the experience as it comes, and have fun outside. Remember, falling in the water (or catching yourself before you fall in) is half the fun :)

Ready to get out on the water?

Now that you're prepared, you can join us for a SUP Yoga Class. We're at Boyd Lake State Park on Saturdays in the summer between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Private group classes are also available upon request.

Enjoy your time on the water!

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