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Hiking through freezing rain... not!

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

I'd been checking the weather all week, trying to see if there would be rain or not during the Yoga Hike. It had been sitting at 40% chance of rain all week; but that morning, something wonderful happened. The forecast told me there would be no rain during the hike, just clouds --- Yes!

Tom and I packed up some extra yoga mats, props, and snacks --- carrots, hummus, jerky, fruit, and cookies --- and headed over to the studio to see who would be hiking with us today. I wasn't expecting a lot of people because of the 55 degree weather, but was also looking forward to the possibility of other fearless adventurers who wouldn't mind getting outside. Unfortunately, no one had showed up. We were told that people were talking about the snow and rain that was going to happen that afternoon. Which weather report were they looking at?!

Well, we weren't going to let such a perfectly good day go to waste.

We had our rain jackets with us in case anything fell from the sky, and headed for the trail. A short drive later, we were greeted by the trees, wetlands, and bridges of the Cedar Point Tideland Trail. Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely hate being cold, but something about walking through nature with the dirt, gravel, and even snow under my boots warms my heart enough to get me out from the house and into the outdoors.

Being outside brings out the child in me. It had been pretty windy recently, and it looked like some of the trees had been uprooted. The shenanigans started with being a fallen tree with all the other fallen trees in the wetlands.

Lately, we've been finding quite a few pine cones on the trail. Tom likes to use the pine cones and make up contests with me. Last time it was who could kick the pine cone the furthest. (I won by the way.) Today is was seeing who could throw a pine cone anywhere in the tree and make another pine cone come down. My attempt at pine cone throwing was a complete failure: not even close to the branch. Tom did a little better than me, but no pine cones were dislodged from the tree tops.

One of the things I love about the Tideland Trail are all the bridges and opportunities for play. I know my mom would yell at me to be careful and get down form the rails, but I always have some other idea. Warrior goddess protecting the natural resources or another crazy kid asking to get hurt? You be the judge.

Even though it was just the two of us (cue the Will Smith music), there was still so much fun too be had.

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