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Yoga at the Park

Back to Basics Yoga Series

January 18 - March 8, 2023

build the foundation of your yoga practice
People stretching on mats

Are you just starting yoga and don't know the first place to start?
I get it.

Going into a yoga class with a bunch of people who already know what they're doing can be intimidating.

Or maybe you just want to do the basics, instead of tying yourself up in a pretzel. 


Because what you really want is to take better care of yourself now so you can...

... continue doing all the actives you love

... live independently for as long as possible.

Cue our eight week Back to Basics Yoga Series...

This series gives you the foundations to practice yoga safely and effectively for you.​

  • Gain confidence in your own abilities as we move slowly through poses and break down the actions involved to get into them.

  • Create flexibility, balance, and strength so you can move around in the real world easier and feel good in your body.

  • Increase coordination, grow inner awareness, and decrease your chances of falling by building proprioception and interoception.

Join our Back to Basics Yoga Series today and get...

8 live 1 hour classes

Wednesdays from January 18 - March 8 at 5:30 - 6:30 pm (MT)

These classes are suitable for all levels and are held either in person or online (according to your preference). The topics from each class build on each other to help you progress skillfully. Each class will be themed with a yogic concept to take you deeper into the practice.

Here's what we'll cover each week:

  • Connecting breath and movement

  • Your pelvis and you

  • Get to know your core

  • Hamstrings and forward bends

  • Balance and stabilization

  • Backbends

  • Twists

  • Challenge pose of your choice (The class will vote on this)

Replays of the class

Go through your online portal and watch lessons as many times you want in case you missed something or wanted to practice between live classes.

8 pre-recorded mini classes


These all levels classes are about 15 minutes each so you can practice the concepts between classes.

BONUS: Flexibility Guide.


You'll get a PDF of five simple stretches and video tutorials to help increase range of motion, release tension, and improve flexibility.

BONUS: 30 minute private yoga session

Sign up by January 4, 11:59 pm (MT)


Private yoga held in person at my Fort Collins home studio or online. We can work on any "am I doing this right'" questions you might have. You can use your session any time through the 8 weeks. It's a nice way to get personalized tips for when you feel stuck.

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When is class?

Wednesdays at 5:30-6:30 pm (MST)
March 15 - May 3, 2023

We'll meet every week for 8 weeks

  • January 18

  • January 25

  • February 1

  • February 8

  • February 15

  • February 22

  • March 1

  • March 8

Yoga Friends
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A Note About our Pricing

As a way to make yoga accessible to the people who need it most, we're using sliding scale pricing.

You have the option to pick from three different prices based on your financial situation.

  • $177 SUPPORTER - If you would like to provide a $40 scholarship for someone in need.

  • $137 SUSTAINER - If you can pay the regular cost.

  • $97 COMMUNITY - If you would like to use a $40 scholarship.

To access the sliding scale:

​If you're taking class online, please use the dropdown menu.

If you're taking class in person, please use the following coupon codes:

  • SUSTAINER to invest $137 for the 8 weeks and pay the regular cost

  • COMMUNITY to invest $97 for the 8 weeks​ and use a $40 scholarship

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 What People Say 

Joyce Laurie

“I was a little doubtful at the start because of my age. I was so, so wrong! Jessica was one of the instructors that helped me realize that it truly is a practice. It's helped me physically, mentally and spiritually. Wish I had tried it earlier but so blessed to be building my strength and balance now.”

Need help signing up or have questions?

You can reach us via email at

Or call/text 970-682-4826

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