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Yoga for Active People Semester

consistency + accountability = transformation

We're all aware of the benefits that having a yoga practice can bring. Things like improved mental wellbeing, flexibility, strength, and stress relief are top of mind.

Many of my students tell me that they want to be more consistent with their practice so they can

  • be more flexible and not feel so tight

  • improve strength and do the challenging poses

  • get better at being in the moment and destressing

But then... life gets in the way of our even our most well intentioned plans.


The dog needs walked.


Just a little bit more time on this project.


Dinner needs to be made.

The list of things demanding our time is endless. And not all of them is good for us. (Anyone else get stuck in that endless scroll through Instagram and suddenly wonder where all that time's gone?)

Enter the
Yoga for Active People Semester 🎉

The yoga series for busy people with active lifestyles that brings in the accountability and support to go from a sore, achy body and restless mind to moving with ease in mind and body.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned from 4 years of teaching, various workshops throughout my 14 years of practice, and training that focuses on making this practice more accessible with teachers like Judy Gudmenstad and Lynn Crimando.


All this is infused into my classes so you don’t have to go through the Google rabbit hole and all the modality switching to find what works for you.


The Yoga for Active People Semester is more than a bunch of yoga classes. It’s a little oasis from your busy day that gives you the time and space to reset your mind, nourish the way you move, and relax.


You'll receive the benefits of yoga in a way that cultivates consistency so you can

  • Feel balanced and strong in your mind and body


  • Have the energy and patience to show up for the people you love (including yourself)


  • Love the way you move through the world


The all levels yoga classes in this program focus on building strength and flexibility in a balanced way.


We’ll move at a moderate to slow pace. There are periods of moving with the breath to help you feel energized. There are also periods of stillness to notice how your body feels, see where your mind moves, and tune into something deeper than a good stretch.


These classes are intentionally designed to help you enjoy the way you move through the world for years to come.


I enjoyed having a weekly session with guidance for a set period of time.


I started practicing with Jessica in private sessions and have been consistent about continuing on my own in between. Participating in a group setting gave me a different perspective and was valuable both in experience and the financial investment. The options for using props and poses with more movement offered variety and a playful element which I enjoyed.


I continue to grow in a fulfilling way with Jessica's teaching style which fosters the development of the individual to trust their practice.

Cortney Moore, Gardener/Writer/Retired Executive Assistant
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 2022 New Year   Semester Classes 


Active Recovery

5:30-6:30 pm

Jan 24 - Mar 14

All levels yoga class to designed to bring your body rest and rejuvenation for all the activities you do: things like hiking, skiing, paddling, biking, etc. Balance out your body by strengthening muscles that aren't used a lot and stretching muscles that are overworked. Plus, you'll even out your energy levels by relaxing your mind and nervous system.

Expect a vinyasa style class with various options, myofascial release, and intelligent use of props. You'll notice a difference in your mind and body at the end of each class. 

Asana Journey

5:30-6:30 pm

Jan 26 - Mar 16

This all levels vinyasa class provides various options and intentional use of props to help you play with your coordination and the abilities of your body. More energetic and heat building than Active Recovery, this class takes you on a journey by building on what you’ve learned from the week before.


The plan for the 8 weeks will be as follows.

  • Cow Face Pose (Gomukasana)

  • Wheel Pose (Chakrasana)

  • Forward Splits (Hanumanasana)

  • Side Plank (Vasisthasana)

  • Warrior III (Virabhadrasana III)

  • Revolved Hand to Big Toe Pose (Parivrtta Hasta Padangusthasana)

  • Bird of Paradise (Svarga Dvijasana)

  • Shoulder Stand (Salamba Sarvangasana)

Depending on your energy level, you can choose to participate in one or both of the following

Imagine what the world would be like if…


  • You didn’t wake up sore every day


  • You could move with confidence, joy, and ease


  • You felt recharged so you can show up fully for the people and things you care about most


  • You got time just for yourself instead of having to worry about all your other responsibilities


That’s what we aim to achieve with the Yoga for Active People Semester.


Every class I felt distracted and aches and pains when we began. By the end I felt calm, collected and relaxed.

Beth Little, Manager for early intervention services

Even though Jessica is physically located in Fort Collins and I am physically in Detroit, she provided inspiration and knowledge to get me back on the mat after a head injury. Through videos posted and modifications to the standard poses, Jessica gave me the tools to practice without fear. Jessica is truly passionate about what she does....and will share it with you!

Tracy Brady

Join the Yoga for Active People Semester today and get…


One or Both of our 8 week yoga classes

Active Recovery is an all levels yoga class that rejuvenates and nourishes your body after a busy week using vinyasa (coordinated movement with the breath) and myofascial release (self massage via props).


Asana Journey is an all levels yoga class that builds strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination using vinyasa yoga and  intentional use of props. This class takes you on a journey by building on what you’ve learned from the week before.


[Bonus] Replays of your class


You’ll get access to all the replays for the class that you signed up for so you can practice on a more consistent basis and review what we’ve gone over for the week. Best of all, you can re-do your favorite classes from two or more weeks before.

[Bonus] Private Class Group (not on Facebook)


Join our private class group so you can ask any questions you have between class and connect with other amazing students. Who knows, you might even schedule a hike or bike ride outside of class with someone from the group.


Plus, it’s not on Facebook, so you don’t have to wonder if you need to re-activate or get an account so you can be with all the cool kids.


A Note About our Pricing

As a way to make yoga accessible to the people who need it most, we're using sliding scale pricing.

You have the option to pick from three different prices based on your financial situation.

  • $144 SUPPORTER - If you are financially secure and would like to provide a $40 scholarship for someone in need.

  • $104 SUSTAINER - If you can pay the regular cost.

  • $64 COMMUNITY - If you have recently lost income and would like to use a $40 scholarship.

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