Our Story

At Sun Breath Yoga, we believe that yoga is more than just the shapes we make on our mat. It's a catalyst for the change that happens within that allows us to show up more fully for ourselves, our community, and the rest of the world.

The dream turned reality

I used to have this huge negative perception about yoga studios. I thought they were too expensive, too snooty, and I wouldn't fit in. I would go in wanting yoga that was more than surface level, get frustrated at feeling like a number or like I didn't belong, and return to my personal practice. That was, until I showed up to a yoga studio in the Netherlands. I didn't know anyone there. I didn't really speak the language. And yet, I felt completely welcomed. The teachers and staff would switch from Dutch to English so I could understand. Students and teachers would gather in the tea lounge before or after class. I was invited into conversation, and questions were welcomed. The seed was planted. I wanted to create a yoga studio that embodied community, authenticity, and space for growth.

Fast forward four years later to 2019. An opportunity to start this dream yoga studio of mine fell into my path. And despite all the uncertainty, I took the leap because the possibility of what could be was greater than the fear of failure. I sincerely hope that as you walk through these doors you feel welcomed, supported, and filled up with the practice of yoga. You are invited to help co-create this space, be part of the community, and be you in all your amazing-ness. Hope to see you soon :)


Meet Jessica Lucey

owner, founder, and dream maker

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