Class Descriptions

Just like each person, each class is unique in its own way. Find the class that meets your style and energy.

Relaxing & Rejuvenating



Allow yourself to experience complete relaxation. Class begins with slow, gentle movements to help release any held tension and create softness in the body, breath, and mind. Then props such as blankets, blocks, and bolsters are used to support your body as you rest in stillness for 3-10 minutes. (You'll be so relaxed, that time won't feel long at all.) This class is perfect for people of all levels who need a little more rest and rejuvenation in their life.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slower paced mindful practice in which poses are held for longer periods of time. These longer holds work the deeper “Yin” tissues of the ligaments, joints, fascia and bones creating more flexibility and mobility in the body. Yin also brings awareness to the energy centers within the body to create balance in the body and mind by removing blockages and allowing energy to flow freely.


Vinyasa Based

All Levels Vinyasa

Show up ready to move, breathe, and be. This class is designed to leave you feeling welcomed, supported, and just the right amount of challenged. This moderately paced vinyasa based class links movement with breath and gives you time to move mindfully from one posture to the next. Teachers provide space for you to take rest and explore different variations of a pose, so you can choose any option that's just right for you. The only thing that's not optional is breathing. It's fun to see what's possible, while at the same time knowing that whatever variation you choose to practice in is absolutely perfect. 

Slow Flow

Move slow and notice. Notice the transition, the breath, and the reaction. Yoga postures such as standing, balance, and seated variations are weaved together with the breath, creating a moving meditation. The body becomes strengthened, the mind becomes calmed, and the slow pace gives you the space to cultivate awareness. This class is suitable for students of all levels and experience, and can be a fun challenge for a person with a busy mind.

Slow Power Flow

This isn't your typical power class. We move slow. Instead of throwing your body around with momentum, we intentionally move into postures with control. We give you the space to tap into the body and really feel which muscles are being engaged. Postures are held for 3-5 breaths to allow you to feel subtle differences with each adjustment you make. Work into your practice and into your strength. Previous experience with the postures is helpful, but not required.

Flow into Yin

Practice the balance of yin and yang. This class combines a mindful vinyasa flow (yang) with a floor sequence of yin postures to activate yin meridians and leave you feeling balanced. Students of all levels and abilities are welcome.

Hatha-Vinyasa Fusion

Treat yourself to the best of both worlds: hatha and vinyasa yoga. This moderately-paced class borrows from the vinyasa practice and links movement with breath, creating a moving meditation. Then we mix it with longer holds (anywhere from 5 to 15 breaths) of traditional hatha postures (both standing and resting), giving you the opportunity to invite a deeper awareness into your practice. Over time, you can feel the strengthening of your muscles, increased flexibility, and steadier focus. Previous experience with the postures is helpful, but not required.

Alignment Based


Beginner Yoga

Start your yoga journey with a strong foundation. We break down the yoga postures (aka asana) in a safe and fun way that leaves you feeling confident in your ability to move. Each class focuses on the exploration of different types of postures (ie forward bends, twists, back bends, etc.) or different muscle groups (ie hamstrings, hip flexors, etc.). Learn what it means to "use the breath" and "listen to your body".  Allow yourself to get curious, and feel free to ask questions. This class is great for both beginners and those practicing for a while who want to go back to the basics.

Yoga for Backcare

Show your back a little more love with this alignment based class that focuses on creating a healthy spine.  Attention is given to posture, lengthening, and gentle strengthening of the back muscles to support daily movement.  Meditation and breath work are incorporated to release stress-related tension in the body and mind. This class is intended for students of all levels.

Practice Outside


SUP (Stand Up Paddle board) Yoga

Take your practice off the mat and onto the water!  We'll get you sized up for your board and paddle before briefly going over the fundamentals of paddle boarding and water safety. Then we'll head out onto the water for some fun and time out in nature.  One of the most interesting parts of class is when you get to flow through a full yoga practice designed for the board. Notice what happens in the balance and the mind before we slow things down and float in the deep relaxation of savasana. It makes the paddle back to shore more like a moving meditation.  This class is great for students who want to explore their practice in a new way and connect with nature while they're at it. Pre-registration is required.

Yoga in the Park

Warm weather signals it's time to head outside. Connect with yourself, your community, and nature in this class designed to leave you feeling welcomed, supported, and just the right amount of challenged. All levels are welcome. Teachers provide space for you to take rest and explore different variations of a pose, so you can choose any option that's right for you. Please bring your own mat and props. If you don't have a mat, a blanket would work just fine.

Yoga Hike

Take a hike!  Move your yoga off the mat and rediscover the world outside: hike along trails, practice yoga in a scenic location, and hike back. Hikes are intended to be easy to moderate in order to allow students to take in the beauty of the outdoors and reconnect with nature.

Charity & Donation Based


Donation Based

We don't want money to be the reason holding you back from the practice. Show up ready to move, breathe, and be. These all levels classes give you the space to take rest or increase the intensity by offering a variety of options that allow each student to practice in a way that's beneficial in this moment. Recommended donation is $10, but it really is pay what you can. If you give less, no worries. If you're in a place of abundance, feel free to give more to reaffirm how abundant you are. Either way, we thank you for showing up and being in community with us.

Charity Classes

We believe in being part of the community and giving back. Each season, we introduce you to local charities, and you get to vote on who we support. Then, we host an all levels, donation based yoga class where ALL proceeds go directly to the charity that won your votes. Get ready to feel even better about doing something you already love.

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