Through the practice of yoga, connecting with nature, and traveling; I help people reconnect with themselves, reconnect with the world around them, and create new experiences.

Jessica Lucey

Yoga helps us learn more about who we really are and connect with the people and the world around us.  Life becomes more real, vibrant, and full that you can't help but to share it with others.

What makes your heart sing? For me, one of them is that feeling I get while practicing yoga. That deep connection to the breath, the movement, and the spirit has kept me coming back to the mat through all the life changes that have come my way since I first started practicing back in 2007. It’s why I finally took the plunge and became a yoga teacher in 2016: to be a conduit of sharing that joy and experience of connection with everyone who shows up and participates. I love giving students the opportunity to unplug from the unnecessary and connect to what really matters to them. As a forever student myself, I'm constantly learning and finding ways to make yoga accessible, applicable to life off the mat, and fun. My classes are vinyasa based and include a focus on alignment, guided meditation, and music with purpose. When I'm not teaching, you can find me exploring the outdoors, traveling around the world, or relaxing with a cup of tea and my journal.

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