Yoga at the Park

8 Week Beginner Course

build the foundation of your yoga practice
Are you just starting yoga and don't know the first place to start?
I get it. Going into a yoga class with a bunch of people who already know what they're doing can be intimidating.
Cue our eight week beginner course...

This course will give you the foundations to practice yoga safely and effectively for you.​

  • Gain confidence in your own abilities as we move slowly through poses and break down the actions involved to get into them.

  • Create strength, flexibility, and balance so you can move around in the real world easier.

  • Increase coordination and grow inner awareness by building proprioception and interoception.

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Here's how we'll do it

aka what you get when you sign up
  • 8 weeks of yoga classes held either in person or online (according to your preference). The concepts from each class build on each other to help you progress skillfully and coherently.

  • Replays of the class in an organized online portal so you can go through the lessons multiple times without having to search for anything.

  • Weekly Q&A sessions where you can have all your questions answered. If you can't make these sessions, you can email your questions and I'll post the replay in our course portal.

  • BONUS: Flexibility Guide if you sign up early. Get on the wait list to find out when sign ups are available. You'll get five simple stretches to help increase range of motion, release tension, and improve flexibility.

Pilates Work Out

When is Class?

Our next session will be in January 2022


Your Investment

$144 up front
Two payments of $79

Be the first to know when sign ups are available and get access to early bird bonuses.

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Jessica is a wonderful instructor! She is so knowledgeable and explains all the poses so good. Yoga can be intimidating but Jessica puts you at ease with her encouragement!

—  Freda Jackson